CARIFESTA, the Caribbean Festival of Arts, is the region’s premier multi-disciplinary Arts and Culture Festival.

Who can register for the CARIFESTA XIV Talent Search & Casting Call?
The Talent Search and Casting Call is open to all CARICOM nationals and/or any member of the Caribbean diaspora.

What kind of talent are you looking for?
The Casting Call aims to unearth the undiscovered talent resident in T&T and CARICOM. The audition seeks talent for two (2) categories of performances:

  • CARIFESTA’s 150+ shows and activities (Open Talent Casting)
  • CARIFESTA’s Opening and/or Closing ceremony (Professional Casting)

All forms of talent are welcomed, including but NOT limited to the following expressions of Arts and Culture; Music (vocal), Music (instrument), Dance/Movement, Spoken Word/ Poetry and Theatre.

Is there a registration fee for the Talent Search & Casting Call?
No payment is required to register to audition in either performance category.

Are there any age restrictions?
Both the Talent Search and Casting Call are open to persons 12 years and over.

When and how should I register?
Registration is open, so register now! See steps below.

  • Visit the CARIFESTA XIV website
  • Click on the “Register Here” button
  • Fill in the form relevant to your application (whether Open Talent or Professional Talent)
  • Click submit, and you’re done!

When does registration close?
The deadline for all registration is January 19th, 2019, however, if you’d like to register for our January 12th date, you must apply before that date.

When are auditions?
Auditions begin in January. See table below.

Date (2019) Venue Time
Open Talent Professional Talent
January 12 The University of Trinidad & Tobago (UTT), O’Meara Campus, Trinidad 9AM – 1PM 2PM – 7PM
January 19 The National Academy for the Performing Arts (NAPA), Trinidad 9AM – 1PM 2PM – 7PM
January 26 Southern Academy for the Performing Arts (SAPA), Trinidad 9AM – 1PM 2PM – 7PM
February 2 Shaw Park Complex, Tobago 9AM – 1PM 2PM – 7PM

Can I register to audition at a specific venue?
Each registrant will be assigned a specific audition venue. The CARIFESTA XIV Secretariat will take your preferred audition location into consideration when assigning audition venues, however, placement will be based on location availability.

What time do I arrive on my audition date?
The CARIFESTA XIV Secretariat will contact each registrant to inform of their individual audition time. Registrants are expected to arrive at the performance venue one (1) hour before their assigned time.

Can I be rescheduled for another date?
All audition times are final as the CARIFESTA Secretariat will attempt to accommodate as many participants as possible and will also facilitate “walk-in” participants, where time allows.

What do I need to bring with me on my audition date?
Professional Casting participants are asked to bring a professional headshot and full shot to the audition.

All participants are asked to bring along their musical accompaniment on a flash drive. Audio files must also be sent to the CARIFESTA Secretariat via email (

at least 3 working days before your audition date.

All participants should also bring along:

  • Your performance attire
  • Snacks
  • Sweaters, blankets or other warm wear (to mitigate cold venues)

Note – water will be provided

What should I wear?
Dressing rooms will be provided for changing into performance attire. NO nudity allowed! Attire must be tasteful. NO alcohol, tobacco, or drug advertisements or inferences are to be displayed on clothing.

Can I bring my friends and family?
Yes! The Talent Search will be open to a live audience viewing.

When will I learn if I have been selected to perform at a CARIFESTA XIV event?
Successful acts selected to perform during CARIFESTA XIV will be contacted by the CARIFESTA Secretariat within 6 weeks of your Talent Search performance. All decisions made by the judges will be final.

What will I win?
All successful participants will earn a spot to perform in one of the 150+ shows and events scheduled during CARIFESTA XIV. Monetary compensation will be given to all successful participants for their performance in CARIFESTA XIV.

Will an inexperienced or non-professional performer have a chance?
Our Open talent casting welcomes any and all performers, as we are in search of new and undiscovered talent to be showcased at CARIFESTA XIV.

What is the difference between the Talent Search and the Casting Call?
Casting Call
This casting call is for professional performers and allows registrants to audition to be a part of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of CARIFESTA XIV. Prior experience will be an asset.

Talent Search
This casting call applies to any and all individuals interested in performing at CARIFESTA XIV.

Who do I contact if I need assistance with my registration?
Please call the CARIFESTA XIV Secretariat at:
(868) 627-2480/623-4162 Ext. 5004
(868) 463-6619
or email

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