Best Village Image

Best Village

The Prime Minister’s Best Village Trophy Competition which promotes the nation’s culture through drama, song, music, dance, handicraft and environmental; will feature the best of Best Village the top three winners in the performing categories.

CARIFESTA XIV will also host the climax of the La Reine Rive competition; Le Gran Z’Affaire which features delegates in evening wear and the crowning of Miss La Reine Rive 2019.

Caribbean Jazz Show Image

Caribbean Jazz Show

A music showcase for Jazz aficionados featuring the best of Caribbean Jazz artistes in collaboration with local independent acts.


Children's Variety Show

Young performers from T&T, the Caribbean and the diaspora will be given an opportunity to showcase their talents at the variety show.

Closing Ceremony Image

Closing Ceremony

The Closing Ceremony signals the end of CARIFESTA XIV and the passing of the proverbial “baton” of the Festival onto the next CARIFESTA Host Country, Antigua and Barbuda, for CARIFESTA XV

Community Festivals Image

Community Festivals

The Community Festivals showcase the diverse culture which embodies and resides within communities across the region. The delegations will have an opportunity to perform at locations across Trinidad and Tobago.

Country Nights Image

Country Nights

Each country is given an opportunity to showcase its artistic production reflective of the country’s culture and heritage. For the duration of the Festival four countries will be featured each night.

Creative Zones Image

Creative Zones

The creative zone is meeting place for the creation of art and collaborations between persons. The space to Connect.

Culinary Arts Image

Culinary Arts

This will be a culinary showcase of the best food and drink of the Caribbean with featured dishes, culinary competitions and signature drinks along with musical accompaniment.

Dance Image


The focus of the Dance showcase will be on iconic works from some of the leading dance companies and choreographers locally and in the region.

Drumming Concert Image

Drumming Concert

This drumming show will celebrate the different types and styles of drums in the Caribbean in a unique and engaging concert.

East Indian Cultural Showcase Image

East Indian Cultural Showcase

To showcase the diversity and richness of East Indian culture to visitors and contingents, through the medium of Dance, Music, Theatre and Food

Fashion Image


This event category will illustrate the creative genius and talents of regional fashion designers and will feature; Fashion Showcases, Pop Up Events, Capsule Shows and Regional Buyers Trade Mission will facilitate business meetings between designers and buyers with the aim of buyers placing orders and purchasing designer pieces.

Film Image


Films will be featured from the Caribbean which will reflect the lifestyle, culture and heritage of the respective island.

Additionally, we will premiere a prominent Caribbean feature film to celebrate and showcase one of the best contemporary or classic film about the Caribbean.

Grand Market Image

Grand Market

The Grand Market will be the Hub of the Festival. It is the space where the Contingents, each with an allocated Country Booth, will showcase their offerings including merchandise, craft, arts, performances etc.



The J’Ouvert experience will be a highlight for Festival goers and will offer a slice of the Caribbean Carnival culture. J’Ouvert which is French for ‘opening day’ usually heralds the start of Carnival.

Literary Arts Image

Literary Arts

These events will be a celebration of the literary arts and authors from across the region. It will feature books launches, readings and signings, poetry readings and workshops

Live Music District Image

Live Music District

Live Music District (LMD) will present an opportunity for artistes to perform at various locations along Ariapita Avenue including restaurants and hotel.

Music Image


The concerts will create an essential platform to celebrate the music from the Dutch, English, French and Spanish speaking Caribbean. These unique event will be designed to capture this diverse yet vibrant community of artistes and genre of music

Opening Ceremony Image

Opening Ceremony

The Opening Ceremony of CARIFESTA epitomises the diversity and creativity of the Caribbean islands and its people.

Re-enactment of the Canboulay Riots Image

Re-enactment of the Canboulay Riots

The Canboulay Riots would be re-enacted to promote the diversity and richness of African culture to visitors and contingents and reveal the historical underpinnings of Trinidad Carnival.

The play will be on the International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition” which is observed annually on August 23.

Steelpan Competition Image

Steelpan Competition

The national instrument will be on display in a riveting steelpan competition. Featuring soloist and duet performances, playing on any instrument of their choice.

Street Festival Image

Street Festival

Cultural performances in dance, street theatre, traditional mas, steelpan and drums on the streets of Port of Spain, Woodbrook and St. James.

Street Theatre Image

Street Theatre

Street theatrical performances will showcase local and regional actors and character on the bustling street at various locations across the country.

Super Concert Image

Super Concert

The Super Concert is a Signature Event of CARIFESTA and will showcase top rated local and regional artistes; featuring many genres of music within the Caribbean region.

Theatre Image


The theatre productions will feature some of the best plays written and produced by outstanding playwrights in the Caribbean. These productions will be performed by a cadre of talented actors at the various venues.

Tobago Heritage Tour Image

Tobago Heritage Tour

A scenic sail around the island of on the ferry will present a myriad of opportunities to demonstrate the history, culture and arts of Tobago in a unique and exciting manner.

Trade & Craft Booths Image

Trade & Craft Booths

Trade Booths and Buyers Space: Commercial sales of products and services from businesses and entrepreneurs in the Caribbean.

Craft Market – Display of local arts and crafts, indigenous food, artefacts, fashion, head wrapping, sari wrapping, mehndi, tie dye, pottery making etc. from artisans in the region.

Visual Arts Image

Visual Arts

Visual Arts Exhibition – This event will create an essential platform to celebrate the art and sculpture of the uniqueness of Caribbean culture.

Workshop / Symposia Image

Workshop / Symposia

The symposia will examine the variety of contexts in which art practitioners, researchers, creative entrepreneurs, artist managers, funders and policy makers operate. CARIFESTA XIV 2019 will host the Symposia with the theme “Journey Round Myself: Crossing Borders, Strengthening Connections, Breaking Boundaries” which is taken from the title of an article “Journey Round Myself” written by Errol Hill in 1999.

Youth Village Image

Youth Village

The CARIFESTA Youth Village will host young people of various cultural, creative and artistic backgrounds, for the duration of the Festival. It will be space for them to immerse themselves in the Arts and Culture specially curated for their taste.

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