The First Peoples

Saturday 24th August, 2019
10:00 am - 4:00 pm
St. George East

The Community Festivals will offer captivating expeditions to demonstrate the life, customs, and cultures of various communities within Trinidad and Tobago. The food, craft, music, dance and the heritage of these locations will be the highlight. The delegations will have an opportunity to perform at locations across Trinidad and Tobago.

The First Peoples of Trinidad are the Amerindians. The tour to Cleaver Woods Recreation Park gives insight into two tribes; the Caribs and the Arawaks and their influence on our society and how they lived.

On the tour, persons can visit The Amerindian House called an Ajoupa, located in this 32-acre forest which contains various items and artifacts from their era in a small museum. There will also be beautiful nature trails for those wishing to take a stroll through the trees and benches to sit and enjoy the home of the Amerindians. Kids can also enjoy a small playground and families can gather under the thatched roof for a picnic.

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