Caroni Bird Sanctuary Tour

Sunday 18th August, 2019
10:00 am - 4:00 pm

The Community Festivals will offer captivating expeditions to demonstrate the life, customs, and cultures of various communities within Trinidad and Tobago. The food, craft, music, dance and the heritage of these locations will be the highlight. The delegations will have an opportunity to perform at locations across Trinidad and Tobago.

Caroni covers an area of 557 km2(215 sq miles) in the West Central part of the island of Trinidad. The name was derived from the Caroni River, which stretches from the hills of the Central Range into the lowlands of the Caroni Plains and the Caroni Swamp.

This part of the County is well known for its industrial zone located in Point Lisas and the lush agricultural landscape.  At one point in time, it was heavily associated with the sugar cane industry. Its cultural and ethnic heritage includes a blend of all the different races, religions, food, song, dance etc.

The tour will incorporate visits to the following areas:

  • Shri Dattatreya Yoga Centre
  • The Indian Caribbean Museum of Trinidad and Tobago
  • Sewdass Sadhu Shiv Mandir – Temple in The Sea
  • Sevilla Sugar Museum, Brechin Castle
  • Caroni Bird Sanctuary

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