The Selection of the CARIFESTA XV Logo

In April of 2019, the Ministry of Culture ran a country-wide design competition for the CARIFESTA XV Logo. There were 330 submissions, and Gamal Goodwin emerged the winner of the Competition.

Gamal Goodwin is the managing director of his own design company, G Productions Online for the past 15 years.

Over the years, he has created branding and promotional material for some of the country’s top corporate and government entities, as well as international companies. This wide spectrum of clientele has given him the opportunity to work with some of the region’s finest entrepreneurs and creative minds. Today, he continues to passionately create the best possible media, branding and promotional solutions for his clients.

The CARIFESTA XV Logo Explained

The logo we have selected depicts the splendor and revelry of the Caribbean joining together as Carifesta and celebrating the international cultural festival in Antigua & Barbuda.

The bold black silhouette of a dancing reveller, with a large beautiful red headpiece and both hands with gold flags waving, this represents the joy of the people of the region, coming together to form CARIFESTA, making it an international multicultural event. The left leg of the reveller’s silhouette actually forms the main title word “CARIFESTA”

As CARIFESTA steps towards Antigua & Barbuda, they will admire our National symbols.

We are welcoming everyone to see our 365 beaches, with the right leg touching our crystal clear water.

As they step, they immediately feel the glorious sun rays embracing their body and it wraps around CARIFESTA.

(The sun and wavy blue bands symbolise the beautiful sun, sea and beaches of Antigua.)

First enjoy our National Fruit, the famous sweet Antigua Black Pineapple,

(which is seen On the top of the Heraldic helmet of the national Coat of Arms.)

Inserted into the Pineapple, sits a stylised Sugar Mill

(The windmills purpose in the logo is dual, it is our national symbol coming from our history of sugar production during colonialism)

The green blades of the windmill

(These symbolise the initiative we are taking to use CARIFESTA as a festival to bring awareness to climate change and highlight our efforts to increase sustainability.)

To the far right you will notice The Magnificent frigate bird

(which is the national bird of Antigua and Barbuda for being so much beautiful and unique.)

The Colours of the Logo

The colours of the logo are the colors of our National Flag.

The red, depicts the life blood of slave forefathers and the dynamism of the people.

The Blue depicts hope,

The black depicts, the soil and African heritage

The gold, blue & white depict Antigua’s and Barbuda’s tourist attractions sun, sea and sand.

The Green represents sustainability.

The Fonts of the Logo

The fonts are a mixture of bold and decorative yet legible, to form the CARIFESTA XV. The Enlarged C also forms the leg of the reveler. The XV are in the same decorative font and left in Black to show boldly how far Carifesta has travelled. The fade from Red to black represents the blending of all the generations both Young and Old coming together to form our Caricom. The words Antigua and Barbuda 2021 are in a simpler clearer font to compliment the larger decorative font, and strategically placed below CARIFESTA to show the destination where CARIFESTA has landed.